Omar Assar est désormais l'africain le mieux classé
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By qualifying for the round of 16 of the Singapore Smash and winning in the final of the 13th African Games Accra 2023 against Quadri Aruna, the Egyptian Omar Assar for the first time in several months overtook the Nigerian in the world rankings.

According to the Week 12 2024 rankings released by the ITTF, Omar Assar, who qualified for the round of 16 at the just concluded Singapore Smash, coupled with his victory over Nigeria’s Quadri Aruna at the 2023 African Games in Ghana, is now the highest ranked African player in the world. The Egyptian climbed five steps, to position himself 17th in the world. While Aruna fell eight steps and ranks 19th in the world.

Indeed, Omar Assar wanted to match Aruna’s quarter-final record of 2023 at this year’s Singapore Smash, but the experience of Indian legend Sharath Achanta prevented the Egyptian’s dream as he lost 3 -0 to see the light of day, by qualifying for the quarter-finals. Except that reaching the round of 16 was more than enough for Omar Assar to improve his world ranking. Because the Egyptian returns to the top of the African rankings after having ceded the lead to the Nigerian a few months ago.

In women’s competition, Egyptian Dina Meshref still remains the highest-ranked African player in the world, despite her fall to 27th in the world, while her compatriot and 2023 African Games champion Hana Goda moved up two steps and occupies 28th place in the world. latest ranking.